Christian Ministry Program

Originally founded by Swedish Baptists, Elim Park has grown to include residents of many faiths. Presently, our Christian Ministry Program is designed to address the needs of many denominations.

Unsurpassed Lifestyle with a Strong Spirit

Our ministry is an extension of our residents’ churches. Guided by our mission statement, Elim Park’s Christian Ministry team encourages a strong personal relationship with God to help residents achieve optimum personal wellness while enjoying an unsurpassed retirement lifestyle.

Cooperation with other Ministries

Christ and bible-centered Sunday morning worship services, a devotional broadcast Monday through Saturday on our closed-circuit television and bible studies help serve spiritual needs. We also work cooperatively with area churches, offering thoughtful programs, providing memorial services and pastoral visitations at the Health Care Center and area hospitals.

Several residents lead and participate in small group Bible studies in Elim Park Place, “When we began, few envisioned the impact it would have on our lives,” shared resident Ruth Dearborn. “We are living our faith, not just going to worship on Sundays.”

The Mary Melby Grant Fund

hubley2A special facet of the ministry is The Mary Melby Grant Fund, named in honor of the superintendent of the Rest and Old People’s Home in Elim Park from 1908 until 1921. Mary Melby encouraged Christian generosity to help others and served her people, her church and her God faithfully. She also inspired many to serve the needs of older adults, which she saw as a special work of God’s grace.

The Mary Melby Grant Fund honors the service of retired pastors, chaplains or missionaries residing and ministering at Elim Park by providing assistance towards housing expenses.

Pictured at right are the Reverend & Mrs. Paul Hubley, Mary Melby Grant Fund recipients since 2010

Following Mary Melby ’s example, the Christian Ministry Chaplain Program at Elim Park serves the residents and the community while continuing her mission in a friendly, safe environment—the kind of environment where neighbors become family.

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For more information on Elim Park's Christian Ministries and our spiritual mission, please contact Robert Cota, Administrator at Elim Park at 203-272-3547 extension 171.