Arts & Leisure Center

The Next Chapter in Our History

The new Arts & Leisure Center is the next chapter in our history. Its state-of-the-art features promote spiritual enrichment, physical activity, social engagement, education, arts, creativity, healthy lifestyles, and more. Its many features include:

  • Prayer Chapel
  • Outdoor Restaurant and Leisure Area
  • Indoor Teaching Kitchen
  • Arts Studio (Painting & Pottery Rooms)
  • Game Room
  • Golf Simulator

It takes perpetual hard work for any organization to stay in operation for over 115 years. We are proud that Elim Park has grown. We continue to grow by God’s grace and through the generosity of those who care about the people we serve.

And now, we are excited to announce that residents, family, staff, and friends are enjoying these new areas!  We invite you to explore these new spaces in person and see how Elim Park is redesigning senior living!

Have Questions?

The Elim Park Marketing Department would be happy to talk with you about this project and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at (203) 272-7550 to speak with a Life Plan Specialist and learn more about the fun and full lifestyle that residents enjoy at Elim Park.