Continue Lifelong Learning with Elim Park University

What does lifelong learning mean to you? At Elim Park, lifelong learning is a part of our DNA. Our unique, on-campus higher learning model enables residents to participate in our university as both teachers and students, with courses ranging from American Presidential Leadership to Infection Control and everything in between!

Elim Park President & CEO Brian Bedard says, “Elim Park University is such a unique opportunity to benefit from the wisdom that experts and professionals have accumulated over a lifetime in their respected fields.” Resident Carol Shank agrees and says, “The classes are all so wonderful and there is so much variety. One of my favorite courses has been the travel series, where I can learn about places I have never been. These courses are so immersive and I’m able to really picture myself there.” 

The university is run by a resident committee that coordinates the process from start to finish. Chairman Chuck Holder says, “Elim Park University was founded to provide a stimulating educational environment that encourages residents to continue lifelong learning. The university draws on the diverse careers and experiences of its residents and offers them a platform to share their expertise with their fellow residents. Residents develop our course offerings and teach our classes. Elim Park University is truly committed to its goal of lifelong learning for residents by residents.” 

Elim Park University also has a wide variety of classes in the arts. With classes ranging from Watercolor to Pottery and Clay Building, there truly is something for everyone. Resident Dorothy Dupont says, “I am a firm believer that everyone is creative— it’s in our DNA! We all have some resistance at first to something new. But I tell my students that it only takes 20 seconds of bravery to do something you’ve never done before. I hadn’t taught a class before coming to Elim Park and was nervous that I couldn’t do it. But if you try something that scares you a bit, you’ll be amazed at what you can do!”

At Elim Park Place, it’s all about you—your interests, your goals, and your future. With EPU, the opportunities are endless. To learn more about this incredible program, click here.