Enjoying the “Abbondanza” of Life

Meet Bruno Carabetta

Bruno Carabetta, who moved to Elim Park in November of 2021, may be new to our community but that hasn’t slowed him down from jumping into all the activities and fun offered here every day. Bruno has already gone on some wonderful community trips and says he can’t wait for the next one. “The calendar of activities and events at Elim Park is outstanding…you can always find something that sparks your interest. Right after I moved here, I signed up for a trip to the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford and I loved every minute of it. Whatever’s planned, I’ll go! It was great to be chauffeured in the community bus and not have to worry about driving or parking. What a treat it is to go out and enjoy all kinds of art, music, theater and more all year round, day or evening, without a worry.”

Bruno, who owned a well-known barber shop in Meriden for 55 years, finds plenty of interesting activities right here on our scenic 40-acre campus. “I’ve been attending performances at Nelson Hall for years. Now it’s right outside my door! I’m also an avid hiker who has explored most of Connecticut’s major trails throughout my lifetime. Every morning, I walk the Elim Park paths and love being out there with other residents enjoying this beautiful campus.” A master wood carver, Bruno started sculpting as a child growing up in Italy where he made small figures from clay. Over time, he has carved hundreds of lifelike wooden sculptures of animals such as dolphins, dogs, whales— even a six-foot high Grizzly bear that his son proudly now owns. “There’s a very nice workshop here at Elim Park, and I plan to continue woodcarving, although there won’t be any more six-foot bears!” he says with a chuckle.

Though Bruno says he was doing well living at his former home in Southington, after his beloved wife Carol passed away, he missed camaraderie and being social. He also was concerned about having to continue to care for and maintain his home and yard. “There comes a time in life when you know you need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you have support for your health needs as you get older. It was also good that I was the one to downsize our family home and make decisions about what I would take with me and what would go to family members or charity. When I told my kids I was moving to Elim Park, they were so happy! They live out of state and were really glad I chose to make the move here.”

Another reason Bruno is so pleased to be at Elim Park is the staff. “People who work here are excellent and really see who you are and what you need. For instance, one morning I was tired of eating scrambled eggs. I mentioned this to a staff member and before you know it, the chef had whipped up the most delicious Western omelet for me. My daughter came here for dinner with me, and she is gluten-free. Again, the chef found this out and made a special glutenfree pasta dish just for her. And the entire menu is terrific…it changes all the time and has so many choices every day.”

A man who clearly loves the abundance— “abbondanza”—of life, Bruno has this to say to anyone thinking about a move to Elim Park. “Do this while you can—don’t wait to enjoy all the extraordinary things that are here for you right now!”