Live In Studio with the Cast of Broadway’s The Jersey Boys!

Join Lauren and Pam for this special episode of the Everything Elim podcast where we had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Broadway stars Aaron De Jesus and Quinn VanAntwerp, along with Sharon Klein, the producer of the show. Read our post below to get the insider’s perspective on the creation of “Who Loves You” and some behind-the-scenes stories from the cast.

About the Show

What can be better than having the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons live? When Jersey Boys hit the Broadway scene, ticket sales went through the roof! It was a simple story of four guys from New Jersey recording some of the finest music ever heard, marking its generation. The Who Loves You show consists of four young, Broadway veterans, who re-create the music and stories of the great era of The Four Seasons. With the choreography, staging, and melodious harmonies, audiences clap and sing along to these most memorable hits. Songs like: “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Walk Like a Man”, “Candy Girl” and “Ronnie” – all smash hits, changed musical history forever. This group will take you back to the 50’s capturing all those great songs of that era.

Meet the Cast of Today’s Episode

Sharon Klein, a producer and booking agent, shares her enthusiasm for bringing the Jersey Boys to Nelson Hall. She talks about the inception of “Who Loves You” and the journey of creating a show featuring the cast members of the original Broadway production.

Aaron De Jesus, a key member of the “Who Loves You” cast, shares his history with the show. From starting as Joe Pesci in the Las Vegas production to eventually playing Frankie Valli on Broadway, Aaron reflects on his 10-year journey with Jersey Boys. He expresses his love for the show and excitement about transitioning into directing.

Quinn VanAntwerp, the longest-running Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys history, shares his experience of being a part of the show for eight years and over 3000 performances. He highlights the real-life impact of Jersey Boys on audiences and the unique storytelling that sets it apart.

The Power of Music

Quinn VanAntwerp and Aaron De Jesus both shared the impact of the Four Seasons’ music on people’s lives, creating a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection. From personal stories to the communal experience of live performances, the cast of Jersey Boys emphasizes the universal and powerful nature of music.

Artistic Challenges and Growth

Aaron and Quinn delve into the challenges of keeping their performances fresh after eight and ten years, respectively. They share insights into the dynamic nature of theater, the importance of listening and responding, and the joy of connecting with the audience. Quinn reflects on the growth he experienced playing Bob Gaudio and how it shaped his perspective on life.

Theater vs. Film

Both actors agree on the unique connection and immediate feedback that theater offers. They highlight the communal experience of live performances and the personal touch it adds to storytelling. While acknowledging the power of film and television, the cast emphasizes the irreplaceable magic of live theater.

Career Advice for Aspiring Artists

For those starting their careers in the arts, Quinn and Aaron offer valuable advice. They stress the importance of saying yes to opportunities, collecting skills, and actively pursuing their passion. The key, they argue, is to be proactive, create content, and not wait for opportunities to come but to go and get them.

What to Expect from “Who Loves You”

As the interview wraps up, the cast members share their excitement about the upcoming shows at Nelson Hall. They give a glimpse of what the audience can expect from “Who Loves You,” promising a night filled with iconic music, stories, and the unique experience of witnessing the original Broadway cast live on stage.


It’s evident from our recent interview that the Jersey Boys bring not only a remarkable musical performance but also a wealth of stories and experiences. “Who Loves You” promises to be a captivating journey through the music and memories of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. If you haven’t secured your tickets yet, act fast, as the shows are selling out quickly. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary night at Nelson Hall.