An Inspiring Servant of God

MaryMelbyMary Melby graduated from the Baptist Missionary Training School in Chicago in 1887. She was appointed as the superintendent of the Rest and Old People's Home in Elim Park in Shelton, Connecticut in 1908. She served as such until 1921 and continued to live at the Home until she died in 1925. Her gravestone is marked with the humble epitaph, "She hath done what she could." [Mark 14:8].

Elim Park named The Mary Melby Grant Fund for her in gratitude to her dedicated service as a missionary on behalf of the people of the Baptist General Conference. She served her people, her church and her God faithfully, and inspired many to serve the needs of older adults as a special work of God's grace.

About the Fund

elimpark-history-01-opt"Let thy elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine ...the laborer is worthy of his reward." [~1 Tim. 5:17-18]

The purpose of The Mary Melby Grant Fund is to assist retired pastors, chaplains and missionaries who have served with the Baptist General Conference with housing expenses while residing and ministering at Elim Park. The fund honors the name of Mary Melby, Elim Park's first superintendent, a dedicated missionary and servant of God, and it helps and honors others who serve God.

Elim Park invites churches and individuals to make gifts to assist all retired pastors, chaplains and missionaries who become residents under The Mary Melby Grant Fund. Many come with limited resources from retirement funds, equity in a home or Social Security.

Providing a home at Elim Park is one of the best ways to show respect for God's servants who faithfully served Him. Income from the fund is distributed on the basis of financial need.

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Present Day Fund Recipients

Due to the Christian generosity of donors to the Mary Melby Grant Fund, our chaplains, Reverend Dwight Campbell, Reverend Ken Milhous, Reverend Paul Hubley and Reverand Wayne Detzler are able to share their spiritual gifts with over 900 residents and staff at Elim Park.

A Wonderful Opportunity

Reverend Dr. Glenn B. Havumaki (retired), lead chaplain at Elim Park, served the spiritual needs of Elim Park's residents and staff for over 34 years. He assisted in the establishment of The Mary Melby Grant Fund in 1995 and oversees the ministry of the chaplains who reside at Elim Park with the support of the Fund. As such, Reverend Havumaki is in a unique position to comment on the benefits of donations to the Fund:

"Supporting the Mary Melby Grant Fund is a wonderful opportunity to honor the service of a retired pastor, chaplain or missionary who has served the Lord faithfully in the Baptist General Conference, many of whom come with limited resources. The Fund is a true blessing for everyone involved as it provides assistance towards housing expenses at Elim Park while enabling the spiritual needs of residents and staff to be met through the vibrant ministry of these chaplains.

"I ask that you prayerfully consider making a generous contribution to the Mary Melby Grant Fund so the Lord can continue to bless this ministry through these fine servants who have given so much to so many."

Ways to Contribute
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For additional information about The Mary Melby Grant Fund, please contact our Director of Development at 203-272-3547 extension 172.