Farm-to-Table: The Hit That's Sweeping the Nation

ElimPark-Farm-to-Table2-optIn 1906, a group of Swedish immigrants purchased an 80-acre farm along the Housatonic River—and Elim Park was born. In 2013, we returned to our roots by transforming a little-used patch of ground between buildings into a small "farm."

Organic Produce and Poultry

Today, residents and community members help to grow a wide variety of organic produce and raise heirloom chickens. The farm has quickly become a favorite stop for families and grandkids to enjoy the scenery, pet the chickens and even collect eggs.

A Passion for Home Cooking

The farm is fueling another passion at Elim Park as well—home cooking. Our produce and eggs end up in our new country kitchen for residents, where they are transformed into mouth-watering treats.

Residents spend time in the kitchen whipping up favorites such as creme brulée, cinnamon bread, homemade tomato sauce, eggplant parmesan, swiss chard strata and other delectable dishes. People are known to stroll past the kitchen just to smell the cooking.

Music & Memory


Grounded in extensive research, Music & Memory helps people living with a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges to find renewed joy in life though musical favorites*. The Elim Park team received a grant to kick off the purchase of iPods and begin a music library this past year, and members from therapy, administration, nursing and Life Enrichment received training.

This music based program, as well as all of the Life Enrichment programs, is geared to benefit residents by:

• Reducing depression and anxiety

• Moderating pain

• Tapping into deep memories

• Improving quality of life

• Creating happier, more social residents

• Encouraging receptiveness to care and family visits

• Reducing reliance on anti-psychotic and pain medications


Learn more

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