Nelson Hall

Big City Entertainment in Nearby Cheshire

We’ve got great news to share!

Nelson Hall Theatre at Elim Park opens to the public on September 17 with an exciting new line-up of entertainment the whole family can enjoy!  Tickets are on sale now!  

Inside Nelson Hall Theatre

Did you know that big city entertainment comes to the Cheshire community by way of Nelson Hall? The Nelson Hall Theatre for the Performing Arts is tucked among the neighborhoods at Elim Park and it brings a variety of performances to the doorstep of Elim Park Place residents. Many shows cater to the preferences of Elim Park’s target demographic, while others are intended to serve the larger community while offering those close to home opportunities to expand their entertainment palate.

You don’t have to live here to enjoy Nelson Hall. Check out their website for a schedule of upcoming shows and box office information, or attend one of our open houses for an opportunity to win free Nelson Hall tickets in our monthly raffle.