Nurturing the Heart and Soul of Our Community

Since becoming Director of Christian Ministries in December 2021, Pastor Tim Olsen has embraced our mission of honoring God in all we do. “I loved my many years as pastor of the Covenant Church in Thomaston, Connecticut. However, I am thrilled now to help nurture Elim Park’s atmosphere of love and kindness for residents of all faiths. A big part of my mission is supporting our Resident Chaplains who often lead Bible Study classes and worship services and provide pastoral care. It’s an honor to encourage residents and staff on their spiritual journey.” Pastor Tim is especially excited about the new Prayer Chapel opening in 2023. “This beautifully designed new space will be located near the entrance to Elim Park and will provide a dedicated room for prayer, Bible study, healing services and small group worship,” Pastor Tim comments. Above all, our new Prayer Chapel is another demonstration that God is indeed the heart and soul of our community.” In the time ahead, Pastor Tim is looking forward to extending a gentle invitation for others to experience God’s love and developing new ways to serve our larger communities. “Elim Park is a wonderful resource for residents and family to come here to develop a deeper faith, servanthood, and to grow spiritually. Sharing the gifts we’ve been blessed with here at Elim Park is a joy and privilege.”
Christian Ministries Chapel