Resident Testimonial – Gerry Milhouse

Last June, Gerry went into the hospital for bi-lateral knee replacement surgery.  On her way to recovery, the hospital staff noticed how strong her legs were and remarked that she must be an avid exerciser.  Gerry actually gives Ken all the credit for this, however. When they moved to Elim Park in 2006, it was Ken who encouraged her to go for an evaluation in the Fitness & Wellness Center.  She agreed and they have been regulars ever since.  Both are disciplined in making exercise a priority and enjoy the land classes and available fitness equipment.

When she came home from the hospital, Gerry continued making strides in getting stronger thanks to the skilled Rehabilitation team.  “And I really appreciated the cooperation between the Rehab staff and Wellness staff in helping me transition back into the exercise classes.”  The NuStep cross trainer was also instrumental in her recovery because it is designed to build strength and increase mobility.

Gerry looks forward to her exercise classes and appreciates Tyler McCauley’s and Eliza Murray’s assistance.  She gladly suggests, “Instead of calling it the Wellness Center, we should call it the Welcome Center because everyone is so encouraging and supportive.  They want to do whatever they can to help you.”