Residential Care Home in Connecticut

Independence with Help When It’s Needed

The Residence at Elim Park is uniquely designed to offer residents the highest level of independence possible. Residents who may require a level of assistance similar to an assisted living or independent living community benefit from all the amenities our campus has to offer, while enjoying safety, security and peace of mind.

Elim Park is a Life Plan Community that provides the added security of priority access to higher levels of care if ever needed. Both long-term care and short-term rehabilitation are offered in a separate area of the facility.

The Comforts of Home

The Residence at Elim Park is a 42-bed residential care home. We offer both private and semi-private residential rooms. The goal is to maintain a high level of activity and provide seniors with the ability to go about their daily lives and enjoy socializing with others in an independent home-like environment.

The Residence has a dining room that is welcome to all residents to enjoy three meals each day. There is a laundry room on the floor for residents who choose to do their own laundry. There is a central community room and other areas for activities and socialization.

Residents are welcome to sign themselves in and out as they wish. There are staff in house available 24 hours per day to help as needed.


The Residence at Elim Park welcomes private pay, long-term care policies and Medicaid eligible residents who have been granted assistance through the State Supplement Cash Assistance Program, which is administered by the CT Department of Social Services. Individuals must have income and assets that do not exceed allowable amounts. Individuals who have a Pooled Income Trust due to being over assets may also be eligible. Residential Living is a great alternative to traditional affordable housing options in Connecticut. Most assisted living facilities allow private funds only and are not always an accessible option.


The Residence at Elim Park includes these amenities:

The Residence

The Elim Park Setting

What sets The Residence at Elim Park apart is the 40-acre campus featuring a chapel, the Nelson Hall Performing Arts Theatre, libraries, and restaurants. Families can visit in many of our indoor and outdoor living areas. Walking trails, gardens, and the close vicinity to the rest of Cheshire make Elim Park a great location.


The people who serve us are absolutely excellent. It’s been a very positive experience here, particularly because of the people who serve us. When we need assistance, they are very accommodating. [The Residence] is a great place to live. I am able to volunteer in the wellness center and I love the opportunity this provides to help maintain my independence. Elim Park is an extremely clean community, and I feel very comfortable and happy living here. I feel like I am living in a hotel with all of the amenities!” – Dianne Lappin, Resident

There is no harder task than finding the right place for your loved one to call home. My situation was very unique. My sister has an intellectual disability but is very high functioning. My parents passed away 11 months apart and she lived with them full time her entire life. I wanted to find the perfect place for her to live a happy life, have the extra support she needs, but still have her independence and I did at Elim Park. The nurse and aids truly care about the well being of each resident. They are loving, kind and take remarkable care of everyone. They treat them like family. They are also informative and patient with family members. Elim Park is impeccably clean and has lovely grounds in a beautiful area with many amenities. My sister can get her hair and nails done, have lunch with friends and family and see a concert or show. She even volunteers at the hair salon. She absolutely loves Elim Park. I am so lucky that my sister can live independently with assistance at Elim Park. They have a passion for providing the best possible care for people. -Tracy Campbell, family member

When my father’s health was declining and we needed to talk about an assisted living option, I was expecting something negative because of my preconceived notion of an “old age home.” I went on a tour of The Residence at Elim Park and I was so delighted. It felt like a small town. The rooms were spacious and the entire building was clean. My father was moving out of an apartment and even though his was a large room, it felt more like he was moving into another apartment than it was moving into a “home.” I came to visit him one night and instead of him being happy to visit me he actually asked me to come back a different day because they were having a movie night and he was so proud that he had been the one to pick the movie. My father has made friends and formed relationships with the staff. When the time came that his care was too much for the independence of The Residence, he had priority to go to the nursing floor. The staff everywhere is so kind and compassionate. – Kristin Lang, family member

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have the right to choose your own doctors. Elim Park does have a primary care physician that can see you in the building if you choose this as your doctor, but any resident can choose to keep their physician in the community. We also have other specialists who come to the building regularly such as a podiatrist and a dental group.

The rooms are unfurnished with the exception of a large wardrobe for clothing. Most new residents bring their own bed (twin/double), dresser, nightstand, reclining chair and television. We do not allow high heat output appliances such as microwaves or toaster ovens. Small refrigerators and Keurig coffee machines are allowed though we do have communal coffee areas and a shared refrigerator as well. Our showers are handicap accessible.

The Residence at Elim Park is best suited for individuals who are independent with their activities of daily living but may need some supervision and/or cueing. That means someone may need verbal reminding or physical gesturing to remember to do something, such as to go to the dining room for lunch or to take their medication. The staff can pre-pour medication and remind people the right time to take it. For diabetes care, a staff member can assist with finger sticks, but the resident must be able to inject their own insulin. A resident must be able to manage any incontinence needs, bath with minimal assistance, and the staff can provide a small amount of assistance such as helping to wash hair or back. While residents are asked to maintain their own room in a neat and orderly fashion, staff can help change sheets and weekly housekeeping to clean floors and the bathroom is provided. Sheets and towels are provided and maintained by Elim Park, and a laundry room for personal laundry is available.

Moving into The Residence means you will be provided three meals per day included in the room and board in our dining room. The main options change daily and an “always available” menu is also available. There is a communal refrigerator, freezer and microwave on the floor as well, but no stove or full kitchen. Resident rooms do not have their own kitchen. On-site restaurants and a small market are also available at an additional charge.

Leaving The Residence is allowed and residents are asked to sign in and out. Elim Park has extensive grounds and different areas to explore. The community is close to local bus routes and Cheshire is in a wonderful location near many things to do. The town of Cheshire also has a senior transportation service to take residents to local stores and offices. If a resident is under Medicaid, the guidelines allow a certain number of overnight leaves if a resident was to go on vacation or stay with family.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are all available at Elim Park. Some residents need outpatient therapy after an injury or illness. Staff also can request a referral to these services to prevent physical decline and to maintain a resident’s current level of function. If a resident goes out to the hospital and needs short-term rehabilitation, the resident would have priority for the next available bed on the short term rehabilitation unit at Elim Park.

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Download Elim Park’s admission application form to be completed and returned for consideration for admission. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

For more information about The Residence or to schedule a tour, please contact us at 203-272-3547 ext. 123 or email us at