Support your Local Community! Participate in Give Local

Have you heard? Elim Park is participating in Give Local!

Give Local, hosted by the Connecticut Community Foundation, is a 36-hour giving day, where donors from throughout the region support hundreds of local not-for-profit organizations. Whether you are a fan of the arts, animal shelters, youth organizations, or even Elim Park, your contribution can go to your favorite organization(s) during the 36-hour display of philanthropy!

Throughout its history, Elim Park owes much of its growth and success to the spirit of philanthropy. From efforts to include ‘amenities’ like running water to the acquisition of additional land, contributions from Elim Park’s staff, visitors, and residents have played a crucial role in creating a welcoming home for the generations that followed.

Today, our donors give generously to support initiatives important to them. Elim Park resident Bernice Gillman often supports our employee emergency fund. The employee emergency fund provides a safety net of resources for Elim Park staff who find themselves meeting an unanticipated financial challenge.

“It is very important to me to (support the employee emergency fund) because this is my home … Staff are so understanding and incredibly caring. If they have needs and if we can help them, I feel that we should. It feels good to do good for someone!”

Many other donors choose to support our resident benevolent fund. Elim Park promises a home for life and there’s a chance that, over the years, a resident may begin to find that their financial resources are dwindling. The resident benevolent fund can help fill that gap, ensuring that no one has to leave Elim Park because of a lack of financial resources.

Dave and Celia MacNeill are among those who are strong supporters of the resident benevolent fund: “We don’t want anybody to face the hardship of not being able to sustain themselves at Elim Park Place … unexpected things can happen and it’s important that people can live out their lives at Elim Park Place.”

If you’d like to join other donors in supporting Elim Park (or other local not-for-profit organization in the community) during Give Local, be sure to click here starting April 24.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support the employee emergency fund, resident benevolent fund, or other initiatives at Elim Park, contact Jennifer McHale, Director of Development, at (203) 272-3547, ext. 172, or