Health and Well-Being

Elim Park is committed to the health and well-being of our residents. Our certified staff provides education and instruction in a caring and positive environment.

All individuals on the Elim Park Place Future Resident Wait List are eligible to purchase a membership to use the Center.

One Success Story

Frank Miner, a resident of Elim Park's Spring Meadow neighborhood for the past ten years, says he enjoys living at Elim Park because the residents and staff are friendly and there is plenty to keep him busy.

Frank enjoys playing bridge and  gardening. He also participates in the Wellness program and feels it keeps him fit.

Frank was recently assessed to determine which level of aquatic class would be appropriate for him. He has participated in the Arthritis Aquatic class twice per week for the last four years and wanted to continue with exercise when the arthritis class ended.

Frank had been last evaluated in 2008 and his current assessment results were a pleasant surprise: he had improved his endurance by 32% and his upper body strength by 30%. Frank has maintained his lower body strength and agility for six years. Over a period of time, it is normal to see some decline due to aging, even if one is exercising regularly, but these results are a testament to the fact that just two days of exercise per week can maintain or improve fitness levels as one advances in age.

Learn more about our Fitness and Wellness Program

Please click here to download our Fitness and Wellness Brochure. To learn more about Fitness and Wellness here at Elim Park, please call Wellness Director, at 203-272-3547 extension 371.

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To learn more about independent living here at Elim Park, and to make an appointment to visit us, please contact a Retirement Counselor at 203-272-7550, or call toll-free at 800-994-1776, or email us at info@elimpark.org.